June 4, 2023

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Why Timing Matters in Customised Cakes

8 Reasons People Are Buying Custom Cakes (And Why You Should Too) |  Delyscious Treats

Bakers and designers of customised cakes in Singapore have their hands full during peak seasons. If you place an order for a custom cake during busy times, be prepared to wait longer for your cake than if you had ordered it during a slower period. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get a great cake during busier times – it just might take a little longer to get it made.

So, you’ve decided to order a custom cake for your upcoming occasion? Fantastic! But have you given any thought to the timing? Believe it or not, when you order your cake can make a big difference in terms of the final product. Here’s why.

  1. The cake needs careful planning.

The beauty of customised cakes is that they can be tailored to suit any occasion or preference. Whether you’re looking for a birthday cake, anniversary cake, or simply something special and unique, the sky’s the limit. But with such flexibility comes complexity – and ensuring your cake turns out exactly how you imagined it requires careful planning and execution.

The baker would have to sit down with you to level off with your envisioned cake design and their ways in turning it into reality. They may have to employ different techniques, bake several cakes for the base, sculpt and shape designs for toppings and decorations, and many other steps. All these, you should take note, need time to be fulfilled.

  1. Some designs require several cake bases.

Some custom cakes are only composed of two to three layers in one tier, while others require multiple tiers and wide bases. Regardless, making the cake alone -without the decoration or frosting yet, takes at least an hour to bake. Before they can be decorated, they have to cool down, then sliced and shaped, or soaked in syrup for additional flavour. These steps also take more hours; sometimes even overnight, before they can be covered in frosting and filled with decorations.

It is important that the cake base is cooked properly; undercooked cakes are soggy and cannot be eaten; overcooked cakes meanwhile can be hard and rubbery. You wouldn’t want such cakes to be served in your event just because you ordered them in a rush.

  1. It takes days to complete a custom cake frosting.

You may not know it, but the cake decoration process may take up to several days too! Of course, the bigger the cake, the more time it needs for the decoration phase to be completed.

A reason behind this is because frosting and other cake decoration ingredients are sensitive to their environment. Fondants may not stick to a cake base even when applied with adhesive because of hotter temperatures. At the same time, when the weather is humid, sugar frosting, as well as the sculptures made of hardened chocolate, may sweat and melt.

Bakers and their assistants work in controlled environmental conditions, but they cannot do the tasks 24/7. They need to rest too, and continue with the leftover decoration tasks the next working day.

  1. You’re not the only client.

Since customised cakes in Singapore are in high demand, it may take time before your order can be accommodated-especially during the holidays when there is a high surge in cake orders. It is thus best to order several weeks prior to your intended date of delivery, to ensure that your item is on queue.