November 27, 2021


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Why do Ritz crackers fall apart so conveniently these days?

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In the superior outdated days, Ritz crackers were being the defacto conventional in cheese delivery units all across America.  But if you have noticed, in the earlier handful of several years, Ritz crackers effectively tumble apart and crumble in your arms.

Why is that?

Anything transformed, but Nabisco isn’t telling us what it is, but the battle is real.  Most of the time, these days, the crackers don’t even make it out of their wrappers unscathed and crumbling.  God forbid if you try out to dunk into peanut butter or cheese, the crumble straight away upon impression.

Food stuff blogger website “So Yummy” suspects a ninja recipe change in excess of at the factory.

User stratosplay chimed in to affirm, indicating, “This is a byproduct of lowering the dampness count in the crackers. It can make the shelf-existence longer, but they crumble less difficult. Resource: I was a Cracker Baker.”

The change didn’t go unnoticed many a long time ago by longtime lovers of the cracker.

I just did a research on brittle Ritz crackers and uncovered this web site. I totally concur that around the past 6-12 months one thing has altered. I discovered that they just fall aside at the touch. I simply cannot even butter them. Some prompt trans-body fat as the challenge, I really do not know but I’m heading to have to do some research for an alternative substitute. Does anyone some other choices for Crackers with a very similar sweet flavor?” one particular person wrote.

I have always liked Ritz crackers but I have been extremely dissatisfied in them just lately. There is often a bunch of broken crackers in each individual sleeve, they seem to be to be thinner and they break in 50 percent if you place anything on them! If it’s about preserving dollars, jack the value up and make them like they employed to be,” an additional extra.

We verified. We acquired two new bins of Ritz crackers, the unique and one particular garlic butter flavored box.  We discovered the first recipe model was brittle, ethereal, and in quite a few cases disintegrated on touch by yourself.  The garlic butter-flavored crackers held their condition and didn’t crack as straightforward, so that could be a quick-time period repair for followers of Ritz.

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