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#MakarSankranti2021: Try these yummy dishes for superior wellbeing

Makar Sankranti is noticed throughout India and is recognised by distinctive regional names, such as Bihu, Pongal, Poush Sankranti, Lohri and so on. On this working day, men and women celebrate their harvest with various social festivities. And for each individual special celebration, there is a substantial selection of standard foods prepared as effectively.
Anindya S Basu, a food stuff and journey writer and photographer, states, “Makar Sankranti is commonly identified as Poush parbon in our tradition. It is the period of harvest and we rejoice it by building distinctive kinds of pithe, puli, with rice and other seasonal generate. On Sankranti, we often have khichuri and other vegetarian delicacies for lunch. Nevertheless, the preparations for pithe and puli start out a several times in progress. Every single year, we make patishapta with coconut filling as nicely as kheer filling, ranga alur rosh puli, dudh puli, chaler payesh, nonta pithe, gokul pithe and shoru chakli. All of the earlier mentioned has rice flour in some kind as nicely as notun gur or khejurer gur. Each and every residence has their own pithe-puli specialities, which helps make it a exceptional pageant. This calendar year, I also whipped up some nonta pithe. When coconut is great for the pores and skin, gur is also a healthy option for sugar employed in most of the Sankranti dishes.”


Here’s a appear at some of the yummy and healthier regional dishes…

Patishapta and pithe puli: The Bengalis rejoice Makar Sankranti with kinds of conventional patishaptas and pithe pulis. The most well-liked variety of pithe is patishapta, which is geared up with grated coconut sauteed in nolen gur, or kheer stuffing wrapped in layers of rice and flour dough. It is also eaten in states of Odisha and Assam much too. Even so, doodh puli is significantly decrease in energy and will not display on your waistline.

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Til chikkis and panjeeri laddoos: These sweet dishes are an important aspect of the Makar Sankranti celebrations in the northern states of our nation. The principal two components of these sweet objects are sesame seeds and jaggery. Sesame seeds or til are a good resource of power. Til chikis and panjeeri laddoos are prevalent across the place far too and are served with coconut and jaggery in south India. Yet another pretty well-known north Indian dish prepared during Makar Sankranti is khichdi-papad. Various varieties of khichdi concoctions, like baghari khichdi, moong dal khichdi, maghi khichdi and other folks are ready on Makar Sankranti. In most Punjabi homes, gur ki rewdi is eaten to celebrate the pageant of Lohri.

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Dahi chivda: A speciality foods merchandise of Bihar, this reduced-cal dish is created making use of chivda or flattened rice blended with dahi. To give a sweet taste to the dish, gur or jiggery is used rather of sugar. For a healthy twist, drop in a number of minimize fruits and some milk.

Dahi Chooda

Sakkarai pongal: This dish is a need to-have in the southern point out of Tamil Nadu for the duration of Pongal. It’s made with rice, moong dal, jaggery and cashew nuts cooked in ghee. Sakkarai pongal is not only delicious but also a healthful dish.

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Churma, halwa and kheer: In Rajasthan, sweet Rajasthani churma is produced with roasted wheat, sugar and an ensemble of dry fruits, which is really good for overall health.

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Puran poli: This is a traditional Maharashtrian dish that is enjoyed by quite a few on Makar Sankranti. It is a typical flatbread stuffed with finely chopped jaggery, cooked and mashed chana dal combined with sesame and roasted gram flour. It is usually served with melted ghee poured about it.

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‘I make a regular sweet, borinda, on Makar Sankranti’

sesame papad

Food stuff is very an vital part of the Makar Sankranti festival. I becoming a Sindhi, make a traditional sweet named borinda, which is a variety of a sesame laddoo but has a comfortable texture. The laddoo’s softness is realized by utilizing alum powder. We insert a few drops of rose h2o to greatly enhance its flavour. Clean sesame milk is a really healthy choice if created at home and can be consumed all by the 12 months.

— Gitanjali Gubraxani, food items writer from Mumbai

‘I’ll will be planning roh di kheer designed of sugarcane juice’


Many sweet treats and savoury dishes are geared up and relished throughout Makar Sankranti. I will be getting ready roh di kheer produced of sugarcane juice and also spiced jaggery kulfi, which is a quirky twist to the already well-known kulfi that we all relish.

— Chef and culinary expert Reetu Uday Kugaji