October 4, 2023

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Koro Island

Koro Island is the seventh largest island belonging to the Fiji Islands. It lies in the South Pacific Ocean and is comprised of many volcanoes. The area of the island is hardly 42.5 square miles and there are basaltic cinder cones that are spread from the southern to the northern part respectively. The other side of Koror Island is enclosed by the resorts and bays.

The Koro Island has an airport which is situated on the eastern coast. The population of the island was 2500 in the year 1960, but it had increased to 4500 by the year 2007.

Getting in Koro Island:

An individual can board a flight to Koro Island from Nadi or Suva respectively. One flight runs to the island on Saturday only. Then, there are mini-buses that travel from one city to the other city. Nadi and Suva are the two main cities. Different rides are being offered by the bus drivers in these cities.

A person can even move about through a taxi, but it is much expensive. A taxi can be taken from any of the main cities in order to board a flight to the Koro Island.

Lastly, there is an option of boarding a ferry if there is a transportation. For this, a person needs to board a bus from Suva where the ferry will take him to the Koro Island at 5 pm and will arrive at the island at 4 pm respectively. This can only happen on Wednesday. Then, from Koro Island the ferry can be taken at 6 am on Wednesday to go back to the city of Suva. Here it will arrive at 11 am.


The Koro Island consists of 14 villages and all of them are occupied by Fijians. Rain or spring water is used at homes and the homes run on solar energy. While the cars run on bio-fuel respectively.

People treat each other with much respect. Both men and women behave well towards each other. On the other side, the school system is similar to the one present in the USA. There are 3 levels for education which include elementary, middle and the high school. The students are educated in such a way that they return something good to the society. Many of the students go to USA for higher education.

Food is primarily of various cultures like Asian, Philippian, Indonesian and the American cuisines. Different types of restaurant are present that cater well to any kind of food one craves for.

English and the Fijian languages are spoken at the Koro Island.


The weather stays stable between the summer and the winter season. August is the coldest month while February is the warmest month respectively. The days and the night are neither too cold nor too hot at all. In fact there has been no instance of a volcano ever erupting as well. But the island remains in the eminent danger of being hit by a cyclone.


Many rodents and mammals can be found at the Koro Island.


People or tourists can stay at any of the bay resorts present on the island. One famous resort is the Sun, which is located on the northern part of the Koro Island. This resort provides a lagoon, a private rainforest and even a coconut plantation. Due to friendly environment, many people visit the resort and feel at home too.

The Sun is the ideal vacation spot for a family. It can even be the spot for relaxing or a romantic getaway as well. The popular TV show ‘Bachelorette’ has been filmed here. An individual can go for snorkeling and explore various types of coral and fish. There is a longest aquatic reef located here which lies on the northern side of the Koro Island.

The staff on the Koro Island can also guide people to the caves. The caves are really interesting and really stand out from the remaining island too. Another notable place to stay is the Dere Bay Resort respectively. A person can stay at three hillside cottages here or there are three beachfront bures which can be got on rental basis. The rent includes the three meals during the day as well.

From the resort, tourists can go to sea planes and the moorings for the sailing vessels. The Dere Bay Resort has got a blue lagoon and a mile long beachfront which can be enjoyed. The other resort includes Koro Beach Resort which is another interesting place to visit indeed.

Currency and dealing:

People use their local currency at the Koro Island. It is called Viti dollars and one V$ is equal to one F$ respectively. A person can take part in the exchange process of the good and the services as well. For this, he needs to know the banking system of the island and can get the information from the brochure too.


From fifty to over hundred people can be seen residing in the fourteen villages of the Koro Island. A unit is the basis of the village. Houses are either built of thatch or stone. The flooring of the houses is of mats and no modern furniture can be seen at all.

The rural livelihood depends upon the cash crops, fish from the ocean or the selling of coconuts as well.


To sum it up, we can say that Koro is definitely a beautiful and splendid island. It provides many beatific spots or locations which can be explored singly or guided through a staff. The three resorts on the Koro Island are really exquisite places that have the spectacular beachfront to feel relaxed. The weather is most pleasant and it does not exceed 85 degrees at all. The cinder cones that are present are nearly 10,000 years old and interesting as well.

Since people are simple, life is simple at Koro Island. An individual can enjoy here and relax for sure. One can even buy a property here to live or to visit with family every year respectively.