July 13, 2024

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Indian Recipe – Perfect For an Adventurous Palate

Indian Recipe – Perfect For an Adventurous Palate

Indian recipe is a flavorful mix of good food, tasty dishes, and healthy beverages that Indians believe help attain a sound, well-balanced spiritual, physical and emotional state. Although mostly vegetarian, Indian cuisine also has some non-vegetarian offerings also succulent and as healthy as the vegan offerings. Indian non-vegetarian recipes extensively use chicken, fish, and a sprinkling of poultry and meat dishes.

Chicken is perhaps the most popular meat of choice in Indian cuisine as it is used with many things for a variety of recipes. The traditional Indian biryani, an Indian fried rice mixed with various herbs and spices like tomatoes and ginger, are sometimes served with roasted chicken on top. It is a basic Indian rice meal usually spiced up and made more flavorful with chicken.

There’s a whole array of chicken meals in Indian recipes. Chicken drumsticks, chicken curry, butter chicken, chicken Afgani and chicken Danuba are just some of the selections.

Fish is also common in Indian cuisine. From the basic fried fish to the more exotic Patrani Fish and yogurt fish dishes, enjoy the distinct fish flavors in exotic spices and herbs.

The third most common ingredient in the non-vegetarian lineup of Indian recipes is egg. It’s the same basic egg recipes you’re familiar with, like omelet, pouched, and stuffed, except with an Indian twist. It uses basic herbs and spices like ginger, chili, and tomato.

Much like in any other culture, Indian recipes include an abundant selection of sweets and pastries for dessert. Its collection of cake recipes include familiar ones like apple, carrot, honey, peach and marble cakes. There are also several chocolate cake variations in Indian recipes. Of course, the selection won’t be complete without a uniquely oriental offering. Not entirely Indian but oriental in itself is the pineapple upside down cake and the tasty coconut cake, both made with real pineapple chunks and coco meat.

Snacks selection is another tempting array in Indian recipes. Usually deep fried varieties, you can have a whole selection of tasty and satisfying fillings. From whole wheat buns stuffed with crispy fried onion rings to deep-fried mashed potatoes stuffed with green peas, you’d sure to find something that tickles your palate.

Indian snacks come with chili sauces, a selection of sweet chili blend of a host of interesting herbs and spices that give each their uniquely Indian taste. The flavors in Indian snacks become alive and varied depending on your choices and mixes of sauce and dips. Snacks are in themselves excellent ways to acquire the taste for Indian recipes.

There are plenty of other Indian recipes you can try and experiment with. Especially if you would like to try more than the basic boiled or fried rice, the Indian collection of rice recipes can give you excellent cooking ideas. There are also collections of regional recipes or place-specific dishes. The Punjabi Food collection, for example, would be an interesting mix to explore.

Tie that apron on, don the cap and start playing with Indian recipes. It’s versatile, it’s healthy, it’s spicy and interesting. All you really need to do is to have an adventurous spirit and an open palate to enjoy the exotic aromas and taste of this unique Eastern cuisine.