September 23, 2023

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How To Become A Coffee Connoisseur

Most of the world’s population starts their day with a cup of hot coffee. It’s a ritual we’ve come to love and many people have more than just one. Not only do people drink coffee in different societies, there are also several varieties of beans and blends that come from around the world. Some regional producers are better known than others which is due to their production capacity and climate but most importantly it’s because of flavor. So, what are the most popular types of coffee beans and blends in the world?

Believe it or not, coffee appraising is pretty much like wine tasting. There are experts in the field who check out the aroma of a particular type of coffee as well as its taste. There are coffees that are lighter and sweeter, almost like tea, with notes of berries in their flavor, while others have a fuller body, with a more intense aroma and nutty accents. Your local coffee joint might ‘make good coffee’ with more than just a good barista – they’re probably using a blend that you like.

Tomorrow morning, when you pick up your coffee make sure you stop to savor the taste, enjoy its smell and mornings will definitely be brighter. Ask your barista what type of coffee they have and chat like a coffee connoisseur.

Peaberry coffee from Tanzania

Considered by many as one of the best coffees you can enjoy right now, this type of coffee is a bright Arabica coffee, grown in the mountains of Tanzania. It has a medium flavored body and a slight acidity, almost fruity, which sometimes make your senses think about black currants. A medium roast is most recommended for this coffee, as it best reveals its incredible flavors.

Kona Coffee from Hawaii

If you enjoy a coffee with a rich but delicate taste, you need to try this coffee from Hawaii. This is another gorgeous Arabica that extracts its flavor from the rich soils around the Hualalai and Mauna Loa volcanoes, enchanting coffee enthusiasts with its bright acidity. It can have buttery flavors and even wine accents.

Java coffee from Indonesia

In Indonesia, on the island of Java, a type of Arabica grows that has an earthy flavor, but without being too bold or acidic. It does have a fuller body than many other types of coffee, but is considered a rather light variety compared to other Indonesian coffees. Your senses will enjoy a rather smoky taste after drinking this coffee, although the final note is very smooth.

Mandheling Coffee in Sumatra

Grown near Lake Toba, this type of Sumatran coffee is earthy, with herbal notes, and complex flavor, mostly known for its sweetness. Even though it is full-bodied and has a complex aroma, this coffee has a low acidity level that makes it very smooth for drinking.

Toraja coffee in Sulawesi

An extremely balanced coffee, which entwines notes of dark chocolate and accents of ripe fruits together. It has a low acidity but quite a kick. With a pleasant rustic sweetness, dark roasting is recommended, which will release the rather expansive flavor of this coffee.