February 28, 2024

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Foolproof Holiday Cookie Recipes

The snowy season is here, and celebrators are planning what Christmas food to order for this year’s festivities. Furthermore, a delectable batch of Christmas cookies is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. In addition, holiday cookies are great as gifts for friends and family. Cookies can be the perfect treat for family members or included in a gifted Christmas hamper. If you plan on giving a hamper to a loved one, Virginia Hayward Hampers has a variety of stunning hampers to explore. In many families baking holiday cookies is a long-standing tradition, but the right recipe is needed to make this perfect seasonal treat. 

Without further ado, here are four foolproof holiday cookie recipes: 

Counting the calories 

Some want to know how many calories they’re getting from those holiday cookies and all the other seasonal feasts; therefore, they use a food calorie calculator to keep track. The calculator is a great way to limit how many cookies you eat, but don’t be too hard on yourself! After all, it is the festive season. 

Fortunately, the baking experts have gifted the gift of low-calorie cookies you can enjoy this Christmas. These cookies have less than 100 calories, yet they are still sweet and chewy. Furthermore, the recipe is foolproof and is perfect if you’re in a hurry. 

Sugar cookies

Sugar cookies have been a Christmas tradition among families for generations. These cookies are well-known for their chewy edges and soft centres. In addition, sugar cookies are easy to make and don’t need any time to rest before being baked. Finally, if you’re feeling fancy, you can decorate your sugar cookies with buttercream frosting or classic royal icing. 

Chocolate crinkle cookies 

Although not as popular as sugar cookies, chocolate crinkle cookies are just as much of a treat. If you’re bored of consecutive years of sugar cookies, these cookies are worth a try. These crunchy cookies are sweet with a brownie-like texture in the middle and are guaranteed to leave your mouth watering. Furthermore, chocolate crinkle cookie making may look like a job for only expert bakers, but making these cookies are straightforward.

In addition, chocolate crinkle cookies fit perfectly into the Christmas theme! The cookies are rolled in icing sugar and then baked, making them resemble a snow-covered cabin. Of course, you can decorate most cookies to fit the festivities, but none are as effortless as the chocolate crinkle cookies. 

Gingerbread cookies

These cookies are delicious and are perfect if you don’t have much of a sweet tooth. Gingerbread cookies are also on the list of classic holiday cookies; and are an easy treat to bake. These cookies can be soft or crispy, but the latter often gives these cookies a bad name. However, the moist and delectable gingerbread cookies are perfect for the holiday season. In addition, they are great fun to decorate with icing and little candies to make the classic gingerbread man. 

Final notes

Whether counting the calories or sticking with the classics, these cookies are foolproof. Furthermore, these recipes are perfect if you’re in a hurry or are new to baking. Overall, these holiday cookie recipes are exquisite for the festive season.