October 5, 2023

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Expert Reviews: 5 Best Wine Fridges Of 2022 

Best Wine Coolers and Fridges in 2021

If you are a wine lover or are involved in activities requiring you to serve wine to people, you need a good wine fridge to keep that wine at the ideal temperature. A quality wine fridge ensures that whenever you want to take a bottle of wine, you will always find it at the temperature you want it. 

But making use of a substandard one will lead to temperature fluctuations, making it unreliable. 

Every year, new wine cooler products come into the market, and among them are those that stand out. In 2022, below are some of the best wine coolers you can purchase:

  1. Ivation

Ivation is a 28-bottle-capacity wine fridge UK that makes use of Single-zone cooling. Its starting price is $300 and it can. Be classified under small-to-medium wine coolers. This comes with stylish designs, and it is constructed to also accommodate bottles that are odd in shape. It doesn’t make use of thermoelectric technology but rather a compressor, making some noise when it is working.

  1. Cookology Dual Zone TWC18BK

The brand that made this product is Cookology, and it is mainly for those living alone or those who just want a quality small wine cooler. It can only take up to 18 bottles, and it uses thermoelectric technology with touch control. It measures about 25cm in width and comes with a LED light to reduce the impact of ultraviolet rays on the wine. It is anti-vibration to make use of it in your room without noise. 

  1. Baridi 12 Bottle Wine Cooler

Baridi 12 Bottle Wine Cooler is energy efficient as it belongs to Energy Class A. With a bottle capacity of 12, the thermoelectric colling makes sure that your wine is kept at that optimum temperature. It is 63cm in height and about 25 cm in width, and its tempered glass prevents UV rays from entering the wine cooler.

  1. Samsung 51-bottle wine cooler

Samsung 51-bottle wine cooler is a product made by Samsung and is an ultra-modern wine cooler that comes with a five-year warranty from the company. The dual-zone technology is very accurate, and despite its size, it can fit under the counter. The stainless design of this wine cooler is smudge-proof, and it has a reversible door. 

  1. Wine Enthusiast

Just as the name sounds, this product can make you interested in using wine coolers. It comes with numerous features and stylish designs at a starting price of $500. It is a 32-bottle-capacity wine cooler that uses dual temperature zone technology, which ensures that it has a consistent temperature. The glass is tinted, giving it a modern and classy look and UV ray resistant.


Wine coolers are important both to individuals and businesses that sell wine. They help to store wine and also keep them at the ideal temperature for consumption. Wine coolers like the Samsung 51-bottle wine cooler and Ivation are examples of wine coolers that are of the best quality in 2022.