April 18, 2024

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Eating Out in Kenya On Your African Safari

Kenya is a superb culinary nation that is enhanced by a wealth of natural produces and the rich cultural and traditional diversity. Each of the 42 Kenyan tribes spread across the country has special delicacies that can take a lifetime to sample while on an African Safari. The Rift Valley region is the main food basket of the country because of the rich volcanic soils, where most of the fresh vegetables and cereals consumed in the country are produced. The coast region being is on the other and the main source of tropical fruit and fresh seafood of all kind.

The Swahili Cuisine: The coast is not only famous because of the beaches along the Indian Ocean but also for the rich Swahili culture that has a long history. The globally recognized Swahili cuisine is one of its kinds in the country which is usually a merge of Middle Eastern Arab cooking and the African, usually the Digo community way of preparing mouth watering delicacies and refreshing tradition drinks with a unique characteristic coastal touch.

The Roasted Meat “Nyama Choma” en “Ugali” Nation: There is no doubt that dieters will have a problem with how Kenyans enjoy meat, especially roasted meat, “nyama choma.” Most Kenyan major towns and even the tiniest market centers have “nyama choma” joints where meat lovers frequent for a bite of traditionally roasted meat. In Nairobi, Carnivore restaurant is one of the best places you can sample “nyama choma” and drown it with a bottle of Tusker, Kenya’s premier beer.

The meat is usually roasted on open fire or charcoal. Goat meat, famously known as “mbuzi choma” is in abundance. Served with vegetables “sukuma wiki” and ugali-kenya’s staple food, this is a meal like no other. There are some communities that cannot do without a meal of ugali for a day. It is a stiff maize flour porridge that served in freshly cooked and steaming pieces consumed with the meat.

The Vegetarians: There are numerous Indian, Pakistani and other sub-continental restaurants in major towns of the country that are frequented by the large Asian population, mostly vegetarians in the country. You can also sample some of the best Indian cuisines alongside superb vegetarian meals.

Western Region; Fresh Fish and Traditional Chicken: The western part of Kenya is mainly made up of the Luo and Luhya communities who share several cultural traits. In Kisumu, you can enjoy fresh fish from Lake Victoria that can be prepared to your taste. Major hotels in the city serve varieties of fish species, from tilapia to mud fish and many more. In the neighboring western province, chicken is served, the best treat for a worthy visitor.

World Class Cuisines: You can enjoy a wide collection of world cuisines in various restaurants in Nairobi. The collection ranges from the French Novelle, to the Korean BBQ or the Injera of Ethiopia and many more. A safari in Kenya will definitely expose you to some of the globally respected cuisines and the best traditional meals among the Kenyan communities.