June 6, 2023

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5 Great Superfoods for Athletes

5 Best Foods For Athletes - The Superfoods - I Love Bicycling

Superfoods are gaining ground in the food and nutrition industry. And one of the reasons why this is so is the potential benefits it has for athletes.

Reviews online of such food abundant in nutrients have caused many people to take notice of the qualities and advantages they have on health and performance. And this has seen an increase in their usage.

Thus, this article will take a look at some of these foods that have proven to be of tremendous value to athletes.

  • Maca

Maca has been classified as a superfood due to its richness in nutrients. It grows as a root that is of Peruvian origins. It was used in the South American country as an endurance booster during fighting. The root can only be cultivated at higher altitudes.

Due to the possible health benefits of this superfood, many manufacturers set to work and it is not uncommon to now find many dietary and supplement products either wholly or partially made from Maca. One of the main benefits of Maca includes improving oxygen circulation inside the body. Good oxygen circulation increases endurance and speed levels. These traits are particularly needed in long-distance races like marathons.

Maca contains amino acids which makes it a great energy booster and revival from stress. It is mostly purchased in powder form. You can easily get it from online and physical stores. Vitauthority is a great place to look for such products.

  • Chia Seeds

If you are a long-distance runner, you will find chia seeds of great benefits to you. This nutrient-rich superfood is said to increase endurance and stamina levels in an athlete. It has been well-talked about and research has proven its potential to be true.

Chia seeds are made up of phosphorous, protein, magnesium, omega-3-fatty acid, and are abundant in fiber. omega-3-fatty acid is great for those practicing sports because it helps to take away the effect of stress on the body.

Thus, there are many dietary and supplement products containing chia seeds. It has even been discovered that they provide similar results with carbohydrate supplements which are mostly in the form of sports drinks.

  • Spirulina

Spirulina is another great superfood that you can try. It is a microalgae rich in nutrients. Spirulina contains 60% digestible protein. Other components include beta-carotene, alpha-linoleic acid, iron, and others. It is great for increasing VO2 max.

Adding Spirulina to diets has proven to have an immense effect on performance. Thus, it is another option for athletes seeking natural ways to boost their energy levels during sporting activities.

  • Beet Juice

Beet juice has always been an athlete thing for a long time. It has been proven to be rich in nutrients and is regarded by many as a natural performance enhancer.

Because of its richness in nitrates, research has demonstrated its many benefits. These nitrates are transformed by the body into nitric oxide which causes the dilation of blood vessels. This, in turn, leads to better oxygen circulation which has a direct effect on stamina and endurance.

Other compositions of beet juice include antioxidants and vitamins which are necessary for the repair of worn-out body cells. It is advisable that consumption of beet juice 3 hours before the performance will provide optimum benefits for an athlete.

  • Goji Berries

Goji Berries is another name on the lips of many. It is a shrub of Chinese origin. It was initially taken for longevity. It is also known as a stamina and energy booster. It is mostly sold in dried form and is easily noticeable due to its bright red coloring.

It is a great immune system booster and a stress reliever. Goji Berries is an antioxidant that can be used to remove worn-out body cells. Due to their toughness, it is advisable to soak them in water for at least 30 minutes for softness.


With improvements in science and nutrition, it is common to see researchers come up with discoveries to improve health and wellbeing. Thus, many superfoods keep getting discovered regularly. And this is enough reason for athletes to be excited.