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The Best Restaurants in San Miguel De Allende

The Best Restaurants in San Miguel De Allende

San Miguel de Allende has many amazing restaurants and places to eat that are sure to delight your taste buds no matter what kind of a budget you are on or what your personal tastes are. There are restaurants in this town that offer authentic cuisine from all over the world, from Mexican to Italian, from Chinese to American. No matter what you are in the mood for, there are several restaurants here that will fit the bill. For locals and visitors who are going out for a special occasion, La Capilla is one of the top restaurants in the city. Be warned, though, that this meal can be very expensive compared to Mexican standards, or even American standards. La Capilla serves unique and innovative poultry and seafood recipes, with sauces created using exotic fruits, spices, and cheeses. Dishes are served on the terrace, which used to be a part of the old Parroquia church property. A couple can enjoy a three course meal, with wine, for around two hundred American dollars, which is steep for many.

A great place to eat while visiting San Miguel is Bugambilia, located at number forty two Calle Hidalgo. This restaurant is popular for chicken mole, sopa azteca, and other dishes that are part of the traditional Mexican fare. The dining room is decorated with a giant bougainvillea plant. This eatery has a more modest price, with dinner for a couple costing a little more than fifty dollars including the wine. La Cartuja, which is located at 109 Calle Hernández Macias, serves traditional Spanish recipes in an Old World setting which is both exciting and intimate. The menu includes a number of tapas, as well as staples like Serrano ham and other Spanish treats. It is a little less expensive than Bugambilia, but still has exquisite traditional Spanish food and quality wines available. Dinner for two including a nice bottle of wine will cost around forty five dollars for a couple.

Posada Carmina is a must visit for those traveling or living here who like to try new flavors. This eatery is located in the patio of an Inn, which is set in a colonial house. The recipes offered are known as fusion cuisine, and it is a combination of traditional Mexican and Spanish elements together with oriental dishes and flavors, creating unique and tasty dishes. San Miguel even has a restaurant that caters to individuals who choose to eat only organic foods.

Naturalismo offers organic home cooking that delivers on flavor and visual appeal. In Mexico, organic food is not always easy to find, but this restaurant will appeal to everyone, even those who usually do not eat organically grown fruits and vegetables. Mama Mia’s is one of the most popular restaurants and bars in San Miguel, and this place offers fabulous authentic Italian food at very reasonable prices, as well as a terrific atmosphere. The restaurant is located in the center, and there are three bars and clubs here as well. There is a rooftop terrace, a sports bar, and a music bar along with the restaurant, so no matter what your tastes in entertainment are there is something here for everyone.