June 18, 2024

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St. Louis County restaurant offers free food to anyone

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A restaurant in St. Louis County is being lauded on social media for its special offer to help for those in need in their community.

The Thai Pavilion in south St. Louis County posted on its Facebook page Tuesday afternoon that they’re “committed to making sure that nobody goes hungry.” So if anyone comes by or calls in who can’t find food, they’ll give them a made-to-order chicken or veggie fried rice meals.

Owner Brandon Reiser, who just opened the restaurant at 3971 Bayless Ave. in February, says there are a lot of people without homes in their area who sometimes ask for food. He says he wanted to make it known that they’re there to help.

Their post had been shared nearly 300 times in just a few hours after posting the message. People have commented with message like, “This made me cry how amazing!” and “We need to try this place because this is awesome!!”

Resier says they didn’t make the post with any expectations of a viral reaction.

“I see a lot of posts on Facebook about people saying they can’t find food and need help,” Resier says. “It feels good, but we just wanted people to know we’re here for them.”

He says three people had already taken them up on the offer early Tuesday evening.

Resier says they’ve made specials offers like this before amid the pandemic. In the spring they were giving free meals to students who were learning at home and used to being supplied lunches from their schools.

Even though his restaurant has only had about 30 days of indoor dining, he tells KMOX, he’s still doing better than some other people, so he wants to help anyway he can.

All St. Louis County restaurants on Tuesday were closed to indoor dining under new COVID-19 restrictions announced by the county last week.

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