December 2, 2023

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Man Fearful Of Coronavirus Lived At O’Hare For Months

A guy was arrested at Chicago O’Hare Airport this weekend following having allegedly invested a few months airside in the terminal without becoming detected.

Person arrested right after living at O’Hare

A 36 year old guy was arrested Saturday, and has been charged with felony criminal trespass to a limited space of an airport and misdemeanor theft. He has been banned from coming into the airport, and bail has been established at $1,000.

The guy flew from Los Angeles to Chicago on October 19, 2020, and hadn’t still left the airport’s protected zone since. How did he ultimately get caught? On Saturday, two United Airways employees approached the man and asked to see his identification, owning recognized he experienced put in a whole lot of time in the terminal. At that issue the guy confirmed them an airport ID badge that he experienced been putting on on a lanyard close to his neck.

Nonetheless, the badge belonged to an operations manager who had reported that badge lacking on October 26. At that level 911 was named, at which issue the man was taken into custody.

Why did the person stay at the airport?

This is the part of the tale which is tricky to determine out. Why would any person want to devote a number of months dwelling at O’Hare? The male was allegedly “scared to go household owing to COVID,” and that’s why he decided to invest months at the airport. He survived by inquiring other passengers to give him money for food items. Evidently he had a place to remain and roommates in California.

In lots of strategies the clarification of what transpired raises far more queries than something else. Arguably the most hazardous section of the journey encounter currently is remaining at airports somewhat than on planes, provided that the latter at minimum has substantially far better air filtration.

We have at times listened to of individuals living in terminals due to entry constraints for international locations switching, leaving them without alternatives. However, that was not the case below, due to the fact this was a domestic flight.

We also sometimes hear of homeless men and women striving to are living at airports, but which is just about normally landside, given that they commonly really don’t obtain tickets.

Just one other story that comes to brain is that of the serial stowaway from a couple a long time back again, who would frequently come across a way to get past security and onto flights, even with no a ticket. She even did this quite a few occasions at O’Hare Airport.

Was there any security hazard below?

The decide in the situation expressed disbelief about how someone could live in a “secure” aspect of the airport undetected:

“So if I comprehend you effectively, you’re telling me that an unauthorised, non-employee specific was allegedly dwelling within just a protected component of the O’Hare airport terminal from 19 Oct 2020 to 16 January 2021, and was not detected? I want to realize you appropriately.

Based on the need to have for airports to be unquestionably secure so that people come to feel risk-free to vacation, I do uncover people alleged actions do make him a threat to the community.”

Individually I’m not truly stunned:

  • Just for the reason that the airside place is “secure” does not imply that tabs are becoming retained on everyone, but fairly just that they’ve been screened and that they both had a valid arriving or departing boarding go
  • You see people snooze right away in airport terminals all the time
  • Quite a few airport workers can be found hanging out in the terminal every day, so it’s not essentially abnormal to observe the very same individual just about every day
  • It has been even more challenging to identify folks when anyone is wearing masks

Personally I never locate that element surprising at all, and I’m not stunned he was in a position to stay at O’Hare for a few months undetected. The serious problem is why he’d want to do that…

Bottom line

A man has been arrested soon after living at Chicago O’Hare Airport for a few months, allegedly due to the fact he was frightened to fly dwelling due to coronavirus. I’m not positive I follow the logic, but that guaranteed is a unusual scenario. The person finished up currently being arrested on Sunday, following he was approached by workforce and asked to present his ID. At that place it was established that he experienced a lanyard with a stolen airport personnel ID.

What do you make of this scenario?